I am Jennifer Lyn Morone Inc and I have established a new business model that is designed to determine the value of an individual relative to society and to the data he or she creates. Curious?

Life Means Business

Jennifer Lyn Morone, Inc has advanced into the inevitable next stage of Capitalism by becoming an incorporated person. This model allows you to turn your health, genetics, personality, capabilities, experience, potential, virtues and vices into profit. In this system You are the founder, CEO, shareholder and product using your own resources.

Know Your Assets

In this model you need to look at not only what is valuable to you but how and why you are valued by others. This will help you determine your most crucial and unique assets. Using time and energy as an indicator against other measures, such as enjoyment, irritation, distraction, and other emotions felt when resources are being depleted, enables you to achieve a "better state of life efficiency".

Resources | Product | Owner

When you are a corporation you can turn almost anything into a good or service. Necessities of life become business expenses and you set the price based on the cost of your production. This model helps you determine how much you could charge when You use your own resources measured by your production costs, energy and time. So that when You, as the Product, are used You can rest assured that your profit margin will satisfy You as the Owner.

Business Model with a Built-In App

Personal Data is currently big business. Jennifer Lyn Morone Inc believes that your information should be your property so we are building an app to make that happen. It's called Database of ME or DOME. With this app you can rest assured that your identity and your data are collected and stored for you and only you so your company can sell, lease, rent, exchange or invest it for you to profit.

Why Are We Building DOME?

Because there is a monetary value to your data, that is why many corporations are able to offer their services for free. By mining, collecting and indexing as much data about oneself as possible you can gain valuable insights and intelligence specific to your operation and monitor for security threats at the same time. Having an holistic overview of your operation allows you to correlate relationships between seemingly unrelated events and activity, increasing your value.

Who are "We"?

JLM Inc is working with talented and dedicated individuals to build DOME.

Contact JLM INC

JLM Inc is not in the business of collecting and selling your information, nor giving JLM Inc's away for free. Until we have a New Net that is not exploiting the human need to be connected you can get in touch with JLM Inc Here


What are you worth?